Aflasafe is a safe natural solution to the problem of aflatoxin, homegrown in Africa with help from partners in the USA and Europe. It works from the plot to your plate to stop contamination from reaching dangerous levels and keep foods like maize and groundnuts safe to eat.

Aflasafe tackles toxic tragedy using harmless types of Aspergillus flavus. Surprisingly, this is the same kind of fungus that produces aflatoxin, but in this case they are kindlier cousins that do not and cannot ever produce the toxin.

Each country has its own version of Aflasafe using a mixture of four fungal strains, all found growing naturally in local soils. The friendly fungi are coated onto ordinary sorghum grain, which acts as a kind of vehicle to help them get established and can easily be broadcast onto fields.

Farmers apply Aflasafe to their maize and groundnut, about 30-45 days after planting using an application rate of 10kg /Ha and the friendly fungi occupy the growing plantation before the dangerous ones can get a toehold.

Aflasafe might look like a poacher but it is really a gamekeeper, staking out its territory undercover and making life difficult for the bad guys.